Fossil Hunting Locations of Great Britain

The following page features a selection of classic fossil hunting locations from around Great Britain. The locations are grouped by the locally dominant surface geology and then by region/county. Each location includes a reference number which relates to the adjoining geology map. Depending on the device you’re using the geology map may appear on the left or below the list of locations.


Palaeogene (65.5 – 23 MYA)

[1] VIEW Bracklesham Bay (W.Sussex)
[2] VIEW Alum Bay (Isle of Wight)
[3] VIEW Bouldnor (Isle of Wight)
[4] VIEW Barton-on-Sea (Hampshire)
[5] VIEW Herne Bay (Kent)
[6] VIEW Warden Point (Isle of Sheppey)
[7] VIEW Walton-on-the-Naze (Essex)


Cretaceous (145.5 – 65.5 MYA)

[8] VIEW Durlston Bay (Dorset)
[9] VIEW Beachy Head (E.Sussex)
[10] VIEW Peacehaven (E.Sussex)
[11] VIEW Seaford Head (E.Sussex)
[12] VIEW Seven Sisters (E.Sussex)
[13] VIEW Dover (Kent)
[14] VIEW Fairlight (E.Sussex)
[15] VIEW Folkestone (Kent)
[16] VIEW Hastings (E.Sussex)
[17] VIEW Hunstanton (Norfolk)


Jurassic (199.6 – 145.5 MYA)

[18] VIEW Charmouth (Dorset)
[19] VIEW Kimmeridge (Dorset)
[20] VIEW Lyme Regis (Dorset)
[21] VIEW Seatown (Dorset)
[22] VIEW Dunrobin (Sutherland)
[23] VIEW River Brora (Sutherland)


Carboniferous (359.2 – 299 MYA)

[24] VIEW Crail (Fife)
[25] VIEW East Wemyss (Fife)
[26] VIEW Kingsbarns (Fife)


Silurian (443.7 – 416 MYA)

[27] VIEW Marloes Sands (Pembrokeshire)


Additional fossil hunting locations can be viewed at our friends UKFossils