Welcome to Discovering Fossils

Roy Shepherd providing a fossil talk to children and adults at Beachy Head

A MESSAGE TO OUR VISITORS: After 20 years of passion and love developing Discovering Fossils I’ve decided now is the time to conclude our work and move on to explore new things. It’s truly been incredible, introducing thousands of people to the wonderful subject of palaeontology in person and many more via the website and other media. The website and everything we discovered along the way will remain online and accessible for free for future fossil hunters. I’d like to thank Robert Randell for his incredible knowledge and guidance over the years and my wife Lucinda for putting up with my obsession! Thanks to everyone that’s joined us along the way. Perhaps one day circumstances will allow me to return to Discovering Fossils and continue the work, but for now, thank you and happy fossil hunting!

Roy x

Written and designed by lifelong fossil enthusiasts Roy Shepherd and Robert Randell, the website documents the country’s most productive fossil hunting locations and explains the techniques for effective, responsible collecting and conservation.