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Written and designed by Roy Shepherd. Special thanks to my wonderful wife
Lucinda Shepherd, friend Robert Randell and various experts for their support.

Roy Shepherd - TV Appearances

British Isles A Natural History with Amanda Parr (BBC1)

Roy Shepherd and Amanda Parr British Isles A Natural History BBCRoy Shepherd being directed during filming
Left: Amanda and I discuss a selection of Jurassic fossils including a giant nautilus. Right: Filming the opening sequence from afar.

British Isles A Natural History, presented by Alan Titchmarsh, provided a journey around Britain examining everything from the snow capped mountains of Scotland to the warm waters on the coast of Cornwall. Each episode featured a regional focus outlining the natural history 'near you'. Quantoxhead on the north coast of Somerset (pictured above) was featured for its fascinating geology and fossils dating from the Early Jurassic epoch. Amanda Parr and myself led a local group of students on a fossil hunt along the coast to reveal the variety of prehistoric life that existed at the time.


Walk This Way with Paul Hendy (ITV2)

Roy Shepherd and Paul Hendy Walk This Way ITVRoy Shepherd describes the fossils of Bracklesham Bay to Paul Hendy and the film crew
Left: Paul and myself discuss the prehistoric life in the seas 45 million years ago. Right: The film crew discuss a sequence featuring the fossils up close.

The ITV series Walk This Way featured a variety of regional presenters introducing walks and sights across the country. Bracklesham Bay (pictured above) was selected for the high volume of fossils that lie scattered on the sandy beach. The ease of finding fossils and lack of dangers made this location a good choice for the programme's family audience.

River Walks with Charlie Dimmock (ITV2)

Roy Shepherd shows a fossil to Charlie Dimmock for River Walks ITVRoy Shepherd and Charlie Dimmock preparing for filming at Littlehampton
Left: Charlie and I examine a flint echinoid found on a beach near Littlehampton. Right: Conditions on the day were very pleasant.

The ITV series River Walks featured Charlie Dimmock (among others) investigating local areas of interest. Littlehampton beach (shown above) was chosen for its proximity to the River Arun and the abundant fossils found among the flint pebbles. This particular piece of filming required an explanation of the origins of the flint and how life in the seas during the Late Cretaceous epoch may have looked and behaved.


Britain's Favourite View with Des Lynam (ITV1)

Roy Shepherd and Des Lynam discussing the fossils at Seven Sisters for Britain's Favourite View ITVRoy Shepherd decribes the fossils at Seven Sisters for Britain's Favourite View ITV
Left: Des and I discuss the erosion taking place along the coast at Seven Sisters. Right: Discussing the abundant fossils in the exposed foreshore.

The ITV series Britain's Favourite View, presented by Sir Trevor McDonald, took the form of a nationwide vote for the public's favourite view. Each episode featured a candidate location, in this instance Seven Sisters in East Sussex, championed by a TV personality with family ties to the area. My role involved explaining to Des the origins of the Chalk and more recent forces that led to the formation of the cliffs we see today.

Join us on a fossil hunt

Left: A birthday party with a twist - fossil hunting at Peacehaven. Right: A family hold their prized ammonite at Beachy Head.

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