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Written and designed by Roy Shepherd. Special thanks to my wonderful wife
Lucinda Shepherd, friend Robert Randell and various experts for their support.

Useful Links

Below are a selection of useful websites recommended for the further study of palaeontology. If you experience any broken links please contact us.

Palaeontology resources

British Chalk Fossils by Robert Randell: A detailed study of the British Chalk and the fossils contained within it.

The Geological Conservation Review: An important series of publications documenting Britain's geological SSSIs.

UK Fossils by Alister Cruickshanks: A comprehensive review of UK fossil collecting locations.

Discuss Fossils by Alister Cruickshanks and Roy Bullard: A well established forum for discussing UK fossils in particular.

A Collection of Eocene and Oligocene Fossils by Alan Morton: A well organised visual database of fossils.

Geology of the Wessex Coast of Southern England by Ian West: A vast website providing detailed location reports.

Sheppey Fossils by Fred Clouter: A detailed website documenting the fossils of the London Clay on the Isle of Sheppey (Kent).

Fossils of the Gault Clay by Fred Clouter: Fossils of the Lower Cretaceous Albian (Gault Clay and Folkestone Beds) in the county of Kent.

The Plesiosaur Site by Richard Forrest: Detailed information on the order plesiosauria.

Jurassic Cliffs by Graeme Caselton: Useful fossil reports along the Dorset coast.

West Sussex Geology by David Bone: Information about the local geology and guided tours.

e-fossils by Mark O'Dell and Neville Hollingworth: Local collectors website featuring inland Mid-Jurassic locations.

Tonmo by Tony Morelli: Includes an interesting section covering cephalopod fossils.

Palaeontology groups, institutions and events

Natural History Museum Palaeontology Department: Home page of the museum's palaeontology department.

British Geological Survey: Centre for earth science information and expertise.

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival: Information about the annual festival.

The Geologists' Association: An association for the exchange of geological information.

Tertiary Research Group: A London based group with specialist interest in the Tertiary period.

Lyme Regis Museum: Explaining the local geology, fossils and public events.

Chalk East: Information about the Chalk of Eastern England.

Commercial & fossil tours



Junior Geo by William Verkaik: Provider of geological materials to schools and organiser of public fossil hunts.

Deposits Magazine by Alister Cruickshanks and Roy Bullard: A popular magazine documenting all things fossil and mineral.

Fossils Direct by Martin Rigby: A well regarded supplier of collector quality fossils.

NHBS: An online supplier of natural history publications including the Geological Conservation Review Series.

Modelspecimens by Nigel Larkin: Manufacturers of high quality fossil replicas, preparation and conservation services.

Fossil Walks by Chris Pamplin: Public fossil hunts along the Dorset coast.

Mirrorstone Crystals by Adrian Edwards: Provides a selection of internationally sourced crystals and fossils for sale.

Blue Chip Holidays Accommodation for Fossil hunting.

Foto Search Fossil Stock Photos at Foto Search. 

Join us on a fossil hunt

Left: A birthday party with a twist - fossil hunting at Peacehaven. Right: A family hold their prized ammonite at Beachy Head.

Discovering Fossils guided fossil hunts reveal evidence of life that existed millions of years ago. Whether it's your first time fossil hunting or you're looking to expand your subject knowledge, our fossil hunts provide an enjoyable and educational experience for all. To find out more CLICK HERE